From one on one, individualized sessions to small group formats, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’ve worked with a trainer before and are looking to get back into an effective program or you’re brand new to the experience and want to learn proper form along with all the basics, let us show you the difference a true fitness professional can make.

All Personal Training packages are customized to the clients' needs.

Executive Workout—For the busy person or someone just starting out, a 30-minute session of basic weight training with free weights and resistance machines.

Body Sculpting—A more thorough workout, the 60-minute session addresses specific muscles and allows time for additional specialized activities such as stretching, balance training, diet and nutrition, and posture.

Cardiovascular Exercise—Clients are encouraged to come in before or after their training session for unlimited use of the cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills, elliptical walkers, stair stepper, Nustep, rower, and stationary bikes. This is available for your use free of charge—you only pay for the time you are with a trainer.


Additional Information

  • You only pay for the services you use. No long term contracts or high-pressure gym memberships.
  • Workouts are with a personal trainer by appointment only, so no crowds to deal with.
  • Workout in a relaxed, comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere—ideal for baby boomers!


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All new prospective clients will receive a Free Evaluation and Workout. We offer weekly/monthly and custom sessions, along with time-adjusted annual session packages based on your personal schedule.